Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ebubekir Ratib Efendi, Ottoman Diplomat and Writer

*Ebubekir Ratib Efendi, an Ottoman diplomat and writer, died.

Born in Tosya (Anatolia), Ebubekir Ratib Efendi entered the civil service in Istanbul and rose to the rank of acting reisulkuttab (Chief of Scribes) in 1789. Ebubekir Ratib Efendi was appointed special envoy to Viennabetween 1791 and 1792. In 1794, he became reisulkuttabbut was dismissed in 1796 and later executed. His detailed reports on the administrative, social , and military institutions of the Habsburg Empire in the reign of Joseph II and on European political philosophers had a considerable effect on the development of the Nizam-i Cedid reforms of Selim III.

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