Friday, March 7, 2014

Index T

Tahse, Martin A00119

Talabani, Jalal  A00818

Taniguchi, Sumiteru  A00800

Tariq Aziz  A00467

Taylor, Bobby  A00777

Taylor, James  A00084

Taylor, Malik  A00609

Taylor, Meshach  A00091

Tenney, Lester  A00686

Terry, Clark  A00381

Thani, Hamad ibn Khalifa al-   A00647

Thani, Khalifa ibn Hamad al-   A00646

Thomas, Leslie  A00065

Thompson, Fred  A00576

Thompson, John  A00821

Thorpe, Jeremy  A00269

Thurmond, Nate  A00638

Tijerina, Reies  A00301

Todman, Terence  A00148

Todorov, Tzvetan  A00668

Toivo, Andimba Toivo ya  A00735

Tomlinson, Kenneth  A00046

Toner, John  A00233

Tor, Abba  A00673

Toussaint, Allen  A00584

Towne, Charles  A00313

Traficant, James  A00243

Tuam, The Town of   A00828

Tulchin, Hal  A00809

Turabi, Hassan al-  A00618

Turner, Alice  A00296

Turner, Darwin  A00407

Turner, Kevin  A00606

Tyson, Cicely  A00571

Tyson, Cyril  A00651

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