Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fedelmid Find, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Armagh

Fedelmid Find (Also called Feidlimid Fin, Fethlin Fionn, Feidhlimidh Finn, Feidlimidh, Fedlimid, Fedilmid, Feidilmed) b. c.500 - d.30 October 578, was the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Armagh diocese, Ireland and Primate of All Ireland from 558 to 578.

Saint Fedelmid Find was a descendant or grandson of Fáelan and was born c. 500 in a place called Domnach Nemand. He was presumably a younger son as he was destined for the church rather than succeeding to the family estate. He probably did not have a wife or children as he is referred to as “virginal” in the Martyrology of Gorman.

On the death of Saint Fiachra mac Colmain, the Archbishop of Armagh on July 25, 558, Fedelmid Find was appointed as the 11th Archbishop in succession to Saint Patrick. Fedelmid Find reigned as Archbishop for 20 years.

Fedelmid Find died in 578. After his death Fedelmid Find was venerated as a saint and his feast was celebrated on the 30th of October, the day of his death.


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